Subject: Tromboner, Tromshcmoner!
Date: 94-12-02 16:20:43 EST
From: wwm@po.CWRU.Edu (Wade W. Moravek)
Reply-to: wwm@po.CWRU.Edu (Wade W. Moravek)

I was just perusing the article about Mephiskapheles in the "Observer"
and just thought I'd give you my opinion. First of all, what the hell is
Whatever it is, it sounds like it sucks. Secondly, while it is impressive
that you can make all eight individual instruments audible in all of the songs,
it doesn't really matter because true satanists nee only drums, guitars, and
perhaps the occasional chainsaw.
Are you guys for real? I mean, are you real satanists, or is that just
a gimmick to get people to listen to your crap? If that is the reason you
may want to find a new gimmick because big time satanists don't want horns, or
songs about tuna sandwiches, or songs with polka feels to them; they want
guitars and drums. The crackhead writing the observer article said Danzig could learn
a few things from you. BULLSHIT!! Danzig could kick your ass every day of the
week and twice on Sunday. So if you really are satanists, start acting like
it, and if not then I hope you rot in hell for faking it, that is if Satan will
let you in.